Maxim Eremenko

Senior Managing Director; Director, Data Science Centre, Sberbank

Maxim Eremenko is responsible for the group wide Data Science function and practices with key focus on AI transformation project. He leads the process of building up and maintenance internal professional Data Science Community, aimed at improving of the Data Science capabilities and practical benefits. Maxim is actively involved in implementation of the fruitful environment for collaboration of DS teams, spreading the best practices of DS and relevant AI tools, motivating participants to re-use the models and infrastructure across the Sberbank ecosystem. He joined the Sberbank Group in 2005 as the Analyst for Credit Scoring and Portfolio risk models and in 2010 was promoted to the Deputy Head of Corporate Credit Risk Management. From 2013 – 2017 Maхim was the Sr Managing Director, Head of Risk Modeling Department. As the Head of Risk Modelling function he managed the activities associated with implementation of Internal Rating Based approach compliant risk management system, making Sberbank the first bank in Russia that successfully passed on Basel II requirements and bearing one of the lowest risk portfolio on Russian market. Maхim graduated from the National Nuclear University (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) as the Master of Applied mathematic