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Maya Raydan

Business News Presenter, Sky News Arabia

Over 12 years experience as journalist, news & Business presenter, Maya has worked for various TV and Radio stations. She holds bachelor degree in journalism and news agencies from the Lebanese Faculty of Communication and Documentation and had started her career with the “Voice Of The People” Radio Station in Beirut as News anchor and Reporter before moving to Dubai TV- The Business Chanel as their main correspondent from Beirut. In the Journalism field, she enjoys 3 years experience with the Leading Pan Arab Business Magazine “Al Iktissad Wal Aamal” group. Currently, she works for Skynewsarabia since its launch in 2012 as Business Presenter, she also Produces and presents a weekly program interviewing leading figures and Businessmen in the region who shares their success stories with the audience. Besides her job, she always takes part as a moderator in major International and regional forums in the English and Arabic languages like Egypt economic development conference held in sharm el sheikh, the WEF Jordan and Turkey, MEDDAYS MOROCCO to name a few. Maya is the Holder of UNDP 1st Media award – year 2000