Heekyung Min

Executive Vice-President, Global Creating Shared Value (CSV), CJ

Heekyung (Jo) Min is the Executive Vice President of Global CSV Management of CJ Cheiljedang in Korea. Her role as a business leader and social innovator is to create a sustainable future for the CJ Group by driving and coordinating CSV and CSR efforts. She oversees CJ’s core values that accelerate social and business innovation. Much of her recent work has focused on promoting the importance of sustainable business around the globe. Her commitment to creating shared value was developed through her experience in both government and private companies. In her role as the Director General of the Business Opportunity and Investment Promotion Bureau at the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) in Incheon, Korea, she was responsible for promoting Korea to global society to advocate the building of a new city bordering Seoul. She has had extensive experience in finance, HR, and cross-cultural management consulting while living in New York, Tokyo, and London. She was responsible for the CJ-KOICA Saemaul CSV, a very successful rural development project in Ninh Thuan province in Vietnam. The project involved small holder farmers to whom CJ transferred chili farming technology and a processing plant. CJ then purchased the harvested chili crops for its food business. CJ Group is also helping to empower girls, in seven developing countries by providing access to quality education through a strategic partnership with UNESCO. CJ Group was recognized as one of the ‘50 Change the World Companies’ by Fortune magazine in 2017 for its innovative efforts to create positive value for society and create jobs for retired seniors through the ‘Senior Parcel Delivery Project’. She holds an MBA from Columbia University, and a BA from Seoul National University.