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Olli Rehn

Minister of Economic Affairs, Ministry of the Employment and Economy of Finland

DPhil in International Political Economy, University of Oxford. Professor and Research Fellow, University of Helsinki; Adjunct Professor in Political Science, University of Helsinki; 1988-94, Vice-President, Centre Party; 1988-95, City Councillor of Helsinki; 1991-95, Member of Parliament; 1995-96, Member, European Parliament and Vice-President, ELDR Group; 1998-2002, Head, Cabinet, European Commission (budget and administration, enterprise and information society); 2003-04, Economic Policy Adviser to the Prime Minister of Finland; July 2004, Member of the European Commission, responsible for Enterprise and the Information Society; August 2004, Commissioner designate; November 2004, Member of the European Commission, responsible for Enlargement; February 2010, Member of the European Commission responsible for Economic and Monetary Affairs.