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Raenette Taljaard

Executive Director, Harvard University Center for African Studies

Raenette Taljaard is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the Political Studies Department of the University of Cape Town (UCT), where she teaches public policy. She is a former Member of the South African Parliament and was one of the youngest women ever to be elected in South Africa when she first entered Parliament in 1999. During her period in office, she was the Shadow Minister of Finance for the Opposition from 2002-2004. She resigned in 2005. She taught courses in Public Financial Management and Utility Regulation as a Senior Lecturer at the School for Public and Development Management at WITS University (2005-2007) and was Director of the Helen Suzman Foundation (2006-2009) before moving to the University of Cape Town. Taljaard holds a BA in Law, Hons in Political Studies, and an MA in Political Studies/International Relations from the University of Johannesburg and an MSc in Public Policy and Administration from LSE. She is pursuing her PhD and continuing work on the role of private military companies in theatres of action, publishing and lecturing.