Stephen Almond

Head of Innovation, Better Regulation Executive, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy of the United Kingdom

Stephen led the UK Government’s programme to transform its regulatory environment to enable innovation and is the architect of its recent White Paper on Regulation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He joined the World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution as Agile Governance Fellow in November 2019. Previous initiatives include the Cabinet-level Ministerial Working Group on Future Regulation – charged with reforming regulation to support innovators to bring new ideas to market – and the Regulators' Pioneer Fund, which invested in regulator-led projects to support innovations from robolawyers to flying taxis. Stephen has also led projects to bring technology into regulation – such as the GovTech Catalyst competition to develop new technologies to analyse the burden of regulation on business. Prior to joining the Better Regulation Executive, Stephen oversaw government policy on regulation of the water industry in England and Wales, shaping over £40 billion of water industry investment from 2020 to 2025. His prior career has been at the intersection of regulation and strategy, spanning farming, fisheries and environmental policy. Stephen is a graduate of the UK Civil Service’s Future Leaders Scheme and holds degrees from the University of Oxford and London School of Economics and Political Science.