Suleiman Bakhit

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hero Factor

Suleiman Bakhit was a preventing violent extremism (PVE) and Heroism expert. Described by the NY Times as a real-life “action hero”, Bakhit focused his work on countering/preventing violent extremism (CVE/PVE) narratives and mythology using Heroism as an alternative narrative to extremism by developing stories and Heroes based on narratives of hope, tolerance, healthy shame, gender equality, and acceptance of the other. In 2016 Bakhit launched the HEROMAKERS Initiative, the largest PVE, and Heroism initiative in the world in Jordan. His comics have been classified as textbooks by the Ministry of Education and will be distributed to kids in all the schools in Jordan on an annual Basis. The initiative was launched in March 2016 by publishing more than 500K copies to every child in the 4th and 5th grades in Jordan. Bakhit also managed to get a female hero based comic approved and submitted as a textbook. Bakhit was also a best-selling comic book creator. In 2010 Bakhit published and sold more than 1.2M comics reaching more than 3M youth in Jordan. During the Libyan revolution in 2011, Bakhit led a humanitarian initiative that provided thousands of injured Libyan civilians access to urgent medical care in Jordan. Bakhit was also a well-known philanthropist in Jordan. His initiative Amani fulfills wishes of terminally ill children (especially cancer patients). He has fulfilled more than 50 wishes and has been named Donor of the Year at the King Hussein Cancer Center in Jordan for this initiative. Bakhit was a sought leader and an international speaker on CVE speaking at the White House CVE Summit, World Economic Forum, TED, Oslo Freedom Forum, “THE” conference and NY Comicon . Bakhit was also a TED fellow and a 2016 WEF Young Global Leader.

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