Partnership for Health System Sustainability and Resilience

In collaboration with London School of Economics and AstraZeneca

Partner with PHSSR

PHSSR is a unique opportunity for health-care experts, thought leaders and health stewards across countries to exchange views, insights and lessons learned.

Beyond the pilot our vision is to establish PHSSR as a broad-based partnership to undertake research, build consensus and promote uptake of policy recommendations across a wider range of countries, and catalyse the formation and seed-funding of spin-off projects to implement identified solutions.

We are inviting expressions of interest in the partnership from:

  • Academics and researchers interested in conducting research on sustainability and resilience within their countries
  • National and International organisations, policymakers and other health system stakeholders with country-specific knowledge, reach and influence interested in contributing PHSSR’s mission
  • Private Sector Organisations who can bring resources, know-how, and access to data to the partnership

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