Partnership for Health System Sustainability and Resilience

In collaboration with London School of Economics and AstraZeneca

The Pilot Phase

In its pilot phase, running from August 2020 to January 2021, PHSSR worked with teams of expert researchers in eight countries to conduct rapid reviews of health system sustainability and resilience.

Country reviews and case studies are guided by a common framework for analysis. By flexibly applying the framework to suit the local context, country teams identified specific actions that can be taken to strengthen their health systems, and generated insights which can be transferred to other countries.

The pilot country reviews focused on the following:

  • How health systems are led and governed
  • How health systems are funded and financed
  • The health and care workforce
  • How health systems harness medicines and technology
  • How health services are organized and delivered

Country reviews are accompanied by case studies on innovations which optimise the location and improve the quality of care, to enhance sustainability and resilience.

The findings of the pilot are informing the further development of the PHSSR framework. The next iteration of the framework will include a robust set of indicators and lines of enquiry, and will be extended to include:

  • Population health and social determinants of health
  • Public and political support and acceptability
  • Environmental impact of health systems

The pilot country reviews, the PHSSR framework and a report synthesizing key findings can be found here.

Find out how to partner with us as we extend PHSSR’s reach following the pilot phase.

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