Climate Action Platform

Accelerating climate ambition, action and mobilization

Our work

- The Net-Zero challenge requires urgent public-private cooperation on a global scale

- The World Economic Forum’s Climate Action Platform is helping businesses, governments, and NGOs accelerate and scale ambition and partnerships needed to drive a sustainable and inclusive future

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Areas of Action

The Climate Action Platform takes a three-pronged approach to help deliver a future that puts people, nature and the climate first:

  1. RAISING AMBITION - Activate leaders to scale climate ambition and commitments

  2. CATALYSING TRANSFORMATION - Work with partners to build and scale public-private initiatives to turn ambition into action

  3. ENABLING MOBILISATION - Provide a platform for innovators and changemakers to scale solutions

Related projects

Engage in 32 multistakeholder projects relating to the Platform’s priorities

Our climate work around the world

The Climate Action Platform will connect efforts on international climate policy, the energy and land-use transitions, as well as nature and ocean systems, as critical elements to stemming climate change, while fully engaging the full spectrum of stakeholders needed to move onto a net-zero pathway.

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