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Shaping the Future of Energy and Materials

Accelerating the transition to a more sustainable, affordable and inclusive energy system while affordably heating and lighting homes, fuelling transport and powering the economy.

Today’s global energy industry is characterized by significant shifts, which are creating new opportunities. New business models and technologies are changing the way energy is produced, delivered and consumed, especially for the electricity sector. Evolution of technology, social pressure on environmental sustainability and social inclusion are triggering major shifts in the energy industries and changing the way companies extract and deliver value.

But, the world remains far from becoming sufficiently sustainable, affordable and secure. Energy-related greenhouse gas emissions are trending upwards, in contrast to the recommendations from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the commitments of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Our Platform is focused on pushing the boundaries of what will become the energy future through high-level, multistakeholder taskforces. We bring together leaders from government, civil society, energy technology companies, the oil and gas sector, the automotive industry, private investors and other integral industries, to create policy and regulation proposals and innovative models of investment in infrastructure and industry innovations. Together we are working to ensure the energy industries evolve to deliver more value to consumers and stakeholders.

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