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Shaping the Future of Investing

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Creating value for society by efficiently financing the world’s most pressing opportunities and responding rapidly to long-term risks.

Today’s world is excessively driven by short-term pressures. The investment community, spanning venture capitalists to sovereign wealth funds, holds trillions of dollars in assets. By allocating capital to countries, industries and individual businesses, the community has significant influence on the business practices of their investees, and acts as a key influencer in shaping a long-term and sustainable global economy. Given their roles in the investment value chain, private and institutional investors along with corporate boards have the power to act as champions of long-term thinking.

In this spirit, our Platform focuses notably on long-term investing, including asset stewardship, infrastructure financing, pension reform and corporate leadership.

We are building a coalition of over 100 partners, including companies, policy-makers, pension funds, asset managers and insurance companies, to drive consensus on investment reforms that address global challenges.

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