Accelerating Consumer Health and Well-Being

Many countries experiencing economic growth are also witnessing an increase in consumer spending on health and wellness. Additionally, technological advances are allowing for increased personalization of health-related products and services. However, society still faces many challenges, such as the rise of obesity and non-communicable diseases due to the unhealthy lifestyle choices of consumers and lack of access to healthy options.

At the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019 in Davos, select leaders from the private and public sectors embarked on a journey to help establish the foundation for a “new vision for consumer well-being 2030” to bring additional momentum to consumer well-being. This initiative aims to maximize positive outcomes for consumer health and well-being across key dimensions:

a) Consumer behaviour changes towards healthier choices

b) Leveraging advancements in technology

c) New business models (including non-tech) and personalization of health and wellness       

This will be done by creating consumer-centric ecosystems or coalitions at a global, regional and local levels to educate and engage consumers to create a new movement around choosing healthier lifestyles. The ecosystems/ coalitions will be aligned on ways to accelerate the pace and scale of new solutions to enable positive outcomes.

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