Accelerating Sustainable Production

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The Accelerating Sustainable Production project aims to support countries to harness innovation and strengthen competitiveness, while delivering increased efficiency, improved human wellbeing and lower undesirable impacts on global commons.

The project serves as a guide for optimising the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in production, helping countries and businesses identify ways to transform their production systems, achieve sustainable growth and contribute toward the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). To achieve this, the project is establishing a new level of public/private collaboration that taps into the developments wrought by the combinatorial effects of biological, physical and digital technologies.

The effects of these technologies, and their freefalling cost, are already accelerating progress exponentially. Identifying which could play the biggest role when it comes to impacting UN SDGs and boosting business competitiveness is vital and has thus been the focus of the work in 2017.  The result is an entirely new framework, by industry, for prioritising innovation, which helps quantify the potential for sustainable value creation.

The work going forward, 2018-2019, will  be based on leveraging the framework to provide a quantified measurement of the value presented by one or more 4IR technologies, with strategic links to key industry sectors in specific countries. The results of the assessment will be in “SDGs language and metrics”, and insights, conclusions and recommendations will be used as an advisory input towards national industrial growth strategies.