Closing the Gender Gap

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In the 10 years since the Forum began measuring the global economic gender gap it has narrowed by only 2%. Higher levels of female participation in education are not leading to commensurate employment opportunities for women – many barriers to entry and progression still remain along the female talent pipeline. To address the need for action we have initiated country-level Gender Parity Task Forces with domestic and regional partners.

Gender Parity Task Forces generate collaborations between public and private sector stakeholders with the capacity to bring more women into the economy. The Task Forces commit to better understanding the barriers to female economic participation and progress, to collaboratively exploring and implementing solutions, and to providing a neutral platform for dialogue and action. 

In 2012, pilot Gender Parity Task Forces were launched in Mexico, Turkey and Japan. A further task force followed in 2014 in the Republic of Korea. Learning from these pilot experiences, the Forum is now working to scale the Task Force model to new countries in partnership with regional and national organisations. As a first step, we have established a Gender Parity Task Force in Chile in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank.

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