Creative for Good: Using the power of media to drive social change

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A functioning system for the sustainable flow of information and content ensures that all causes beneficial to society are effectively communicated and economical sustainable. Unfortunately, in today's environment of content overload, those very messages and cries for support that can be most positively impactful on society are least likely to be heard. Many of the globe's social entrepreneurs and enterprises do not have the resources, expertise or funding to effectively design, create, and launch messaging campaigns that can also be a source of funding through effectively monetized content - There is also no single comprehensive tool for providing these organizations with best practices, creative expertise, and knowhow and little to no support is available for providing a commercially lucrative strategy and model for their content.

Significant commercial value can be generated by creating quality content related to social challenges and causes, and this can help social entrepreneurs to stay economically viable, including the Forum's own extensive community of social enterprises. In 2013, the World Economic Forum officially launched the Creative for Good initiative, an online resource providing public access to a repository of best practice campaigns using creative media for social causes. Now, in 2017, the Forum is seeking the right NGO to take ownership of Creative for Good and bring it to the next level, in support of a more sustainable flow of information and content. 

The next version of Creative for Good will serve as an online repository for brilliant, inspiring and effective public education campaign case studies worldwide, as well as a brief “how-to” guide and resource for organizations embarking on such efforts. Additionally, with support from the Forum's community, it can also provide knowledge capital for turning campaigns into revenue generating content and activities. The initiative's main objective is to be the single most complete resource for creative and business model expertise and to increase the number and effectiveness of social campaigns world-wide, through the use of creativity and innovations in media. Phase 2 of the new Creative for Good is to feature a much more interactive platform, greater opportunities for collaboration and a strategic focus on promoting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The World Economic Forum will support the right NGO to ensure that it can leverage the Forum's platform by providing access to both public and private sector support, additional civil society partnership opportunities, and a 5000+ strong network of experts willing to provide aide.

This project is part of the World Economic Forum’s Shaping the Future of Information and Entertainment system initiative.