Digital Trust

This initiative seeks to establish a global consensus among key stakeholders around what digital trust means and what measurable steps we can take to improve the trustworthiness of digital technologies through security and responsible technology use.

Digital Trust is a necessity in a global economy reliant on ever-increasing connectivity, data use, and new innovative technologies. In order to be trustworthy, technology must be secure (ensuring connected systems’ confidentiality, integrity, and availability) as well as responsibly used. The lack of assurances regarding these two aspects have led to a digital trust deficit. This initiative encourages stakeholders to prioritize the cybersecurity (including cyber resilience and security-by-design) and responsibility aspects of technology use (including, e.g., privacy protection, ethical and values-driven innovation, transparency in development, accountability, etc.) in order to rebuild digital trust. Because of a lack of security, alongside ethical lapses, lack of transparency, and other issues distrust of digital technologies is increasing. Diagnostics of the level of popular mistrust already exist. Normative efforts to define some of the parameters of state-to-corporate digital trust are in their infancy.

Globally, there is no agreement on what digital trust requires. We also lack clear, implementable guidance for all stakeholders to work together to rebuild digital trust. Likewise lacking is an evidence-based assessment of what actually drives digital trust (between citizens and tech, between governments and companies, among private sector actors) and the ability to measure improvements (or erosion) against generally accepted digital trust metrics.

Through this initiative, the Forum will drive the adoption of more secure and trustworthy technologies help avoid the mistrust trap for citizens, businesses and governments. By identifying and leveraging incentives (from market to regulatory) we will support an efficient and sustainable path toward more trustworthy technological innovation. By supporting a global consensus on the definition of digital trust and on stakeholder responsibilities, we can identify measurable steps to be taken by technological innovators to improve trustworthiness of digital technologies.

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