Toolkit on Preparing for the Future of Work

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Work – in terms of how and where we work, its role in society, and its effect on individuals – is changing. The nature and outcomes of the coming changes is not a foregone conclusion; it is about the choices that leaders – in business, government and society – will make in the coming years. The Forum’s stakeholders as a community can ensure there are more winners than losers and leaders can work within the World Economic Forum community to mobilise action toward positive outcomes from the coming disruption.

This project will leverage our existing work on Disrupting Unemployment and our community's evolving experience and knowledge to highlight the models members within and beyond our community can employ to contribute towards resolving the issues of unemployment, inactivity and skills mismatch. The resulting toolkit will draw on our existing repository of best practices to identify and publicise key models for successful interventions and on insights from our community, which encompasses some of the key trans-national voices which speak to unemployment, inactivity and skills mismatch.