Primary Care Coalition

The Sustainable Development Goals call for universal health coverage by 2030, starting with primary care. Neither governments nor private organizations can address this challenge alone. This project aims to establish a coalition of partners that builds on existing partner efforts for primary care and universal health coverage by:

  1. synthesizing financially sustainable models for public-private primary care delivery,

  2. identifying what innovations for primary care work, and

  3. matching government needs with private sector offerings.  

The goal of the Primary Care Coalition (PCC) is to conduct a thorough inventory analysis of global primary care initiatives through desk and first-person research, and create a geo-mapped repository of global primary care initiatives. Through this process, the team will synthesize learnings and identify best practices in primary care, allowing for a mechanism to share best practices among partners. This will foster collaboration among partners and ensure efforts are not duplicative. 

The PCC is a two-year project. In year 1 of the project, political will from partners was established, an Executive Committee was recruited and convened, and partner workshops and sessions to determine work plan and priorities were conducted. In year 2 of the project, governance and operating models for the PCC will be established, and the PCC will be formally launched. Over 30 partners have already committed to the initiative. Additionally, a pilot project in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India is underway, seeking to create a public-private partnership centered on a human-centric platform that delivers primary care for the residents of Kullu. This initiative will be included in the global repository. The Coalition will live on after the two-year project is finished, independent of the Forum.
The Coalition will provide the following key deliverables in 2017-2018:

  1. Conduct a thorough inventory analysis of global primary care initaitives and create a geo-mapped repository

  2. Create operating and governance models for the PCC

  3. Identify the leadership and next steps needed to launch and conduct the work of the PCC.