Grow Africa

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The Grow Africa partnership was founded jointly by the African Union Commission (AUC), the New Partnership for Africa's Development  (NEPAD) and the World Economic Forum in 2011. Grow Africa works to increase private sector investment in agriculture, and accelerate the execution and impact of investment commitments. The aim is to enable countries to realise the potential of the agriculture sector for economic growth and job creation, particularly among farmers, women and youth. Grow Africa brokers collaboration between governments, international and domestic agriculture companies, and smallholder farmers in order to lower the risk and cost of investing in agriculture, and improve the speed of return to all stakeholders. The partnership engages over 300 organisations working to implement over USD 10 billion in investment commitments in 12 countries.

Grow Africa commenced its move in 2016 to its new African home in Johannesburg, recruited a new Executive Director, established a NEPAD- based secretariat, and is completing its transition to an Africa-based team.


Grow Africa’s work focuses on four areas:

  • Connecting commercial partners: Links stakeholders along respective value chains including both private-private and public-private to develop well-functioning and financially sustainable markets.
  • Improving business models for engaging with smallholder farms: Helps Grow Africa partners to tap into best practice and new innovative business models. Identifies systemic constraints to implementing private-sector investment and convenes working groups to develop solutions. Facilitates knowledge sharing through a variety of channels, including communities of practice and an annual investment forum. Target to reach 20 million smallholder farmers by 2020. 
  • Connecting to finance: Facilitates agribusiness access to financial service providers and funding partners. Contributes to the development of holistic solutions to reduce business risk and combine different types of financial products specific to the agriculture sector.
  • Improving the business environment: Engages governments and works in coordination with the AU and NEPAD and with the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition to improve policies and investments in the enabling environment to accelerate private investments in agriculture.