Shaping the Future of Sustainable and Impact Investing

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Impact investing is an investment approach across asset classes that can reconcile shortcomings in traditional financial markets and create transformative impact. It intentionally seeks to create both financial return and positive social or environmental impact that is actively measured.
Today’s investors are facing a paradigm shift, both in recognizing that old ways of doing business are no longer viable from a social and environmental perspective, but also in seeing the distinct competitive advantage of being a leader in sustainable business.  With a wave of millennials demanding portfolios that reflect their values and trillions of dollars in wealth transferred over the next decade, the industry ecosystem is certain to face transformation. Yet there is an urgent need to move investors from theory to practice and to foster opportunities for action, as those who do not act and innovate will soon be faced with competitors who do.
There are now investment opportunities for nearly every investor, regardless of their target geography, asset class, impact theme, or rate of return, and many traditional investors now seek to get involved. Policy movements are also enabling impact investments more than ever before. Yet to date these players are operating in a fragmented market and in need of guidance on how to engage fully in this innovative approach.



Contact Information

Katherine Brown
Global Leadership Fellow
Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing Initiatives
World Economic Forum