Model Artificial Intelligence Governance Framework and Assessment Guide

The Challenge

The development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can bring about many benefits – from transforming businesses and improving labour productivity to enhancing quality of life. However, there is an increasing concern regarding the risk of harm associated with the use of AI technologies if they are not deployed in a responsible manner, and the data within these models is not managed properly. Many governments and international organizations have worked to outline ethical principles to govern the development and use of new technologies, with the aim to mitigate the risk of harm that these technologies might bring. Singapore issued the first edition of its Model AI Governance Framework (“Model Framework”), a sector-, technology- and algorithm-agnostic framework, which converts relevant ethical principles to implementable practices in an AI deployment process so that organizations can operationalize these principles. Singapore then designed a companion Assessment Guide aiming to: 

  • Help organizations evaluate if they have implemented relevant practices and measures in the Model Framework

  • Enhance the Model Framework with organizations’ implementation experiences and use cases and publish them in the second edition of the Model Framework

The Opportunity

The project gave organizations an opportunity to implement the practices and measures suggested in the Model Framework, and share experiences so as to inspire other organizations adopting AI to do so in a similarly responsible manner. The companion Assessment Guide helps organizations evaluate their implementation and identify potential gaps that may need to be addressed. Through the project:

  • Organizations were featured as early adopters of the Model Framework through the case studies that were published and shared at various international platforms

  • They learned from other companies their experiences in implementing the Model Framework and their practices in using AI responsibly

Impact areas

As it is important for the Model Framework to be stress-tested in a wide range of sectors, we welcome organizations from all sectors to join us in building an adoption community to enhance the Model Framework and the companion Assessment Guide. We want organizations and consumers to have confidence in using AI and AI solutions – regardless of where they are used – to be explainable, transparent, fair and human-centric. Joining us will allow you to be part of the process of producing:

  • An enhanced Model Framework that feature responsible AI practices of leading companies from different sectors

  • A companion Assessment Guide for the Model Framework for organizations to evaluate their AI deployment practices

How to engage

  • Use the Model Framework: Implement parts or whole of the Model Framework, as part of your organization’s AI deployment process.

  • Share use cases, examples and input on how your organization has implemented the AI Governance Framework and Assessment Guide

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