Preparing Civil Society for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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With a global workforce of over 350 million, civil society has become a critical sector in solving global challenges, championing human rights and fostering needed dialogue on societal values. The sector is undergoing a fundamental transition as digital/emerging technologies impact society. These disruptions pose operational concerns about the sector’s ability to stay agile in a changing context as well as responsibility concerns on how to responsibly use these technologies. Civil society leaders feel unprepared for a future of digital disruptions and technology-enabled transformations, and despite several ongoing conversations within civil society, there is a lack of sectoral vision of the role of civil society in influencing the governance of new technologies for positive societal outcomes. Through case study and survey research, workshops and digital interaction, the project “Preparing Civil Society for the Fourth Industrial Revolution” creates a body of knowledge and community of leaders across civil society, philanthropic organizations, business, academia and the technology world to:
• Enable civil society to assess and adopt internal transformations and capacity development related to digital transformation and adoption of emerging technologies within specific functional areas
• Empower civil society leaders with the capacity to become influential players and promoters of human-centred governance of emerging technologies.