Preparing Civil Society for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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With a global workforce of over 350 million, civil society has become a critical sector in solving global challenges, championing human rights and fostering needed dialogue on societal values. The sector is undergoing a fundamental transition in its traditional role in promoting accountability, fairness, trust and transparency, as digital and emerging technologies impact the sector and society. New technologies provide significant opportunities and risks for individual organizations as well as society, and civil society leaders must meaningfully participate with other stakeholders in the governance of these technologies.

The Preparing Civil Society for the Fourth Industrial Revolution project provides a platform to accelerate impact, practice and responsibility among civil society and social good organizations responding to digital and emerging technologies. The project functions as:
- a knowledge base, creating shared resources tailored for civil society from multiple disciplines;
- a mobilizer, holding space for coordination on technology policy issues;
- an accelerator, launching new initiatives to address critical gaps and existing barriers; and
- a network of civil society, academia, philanthropy, business and other leaders working at the intersection of civil society, human rights and technology

For more information and to get involved, please contact David Sangokoya, Project Manager and Knowledge Lead, Society and Innovation, and Lincoln Ajoku, Project Lead, Society and Innovation at

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