The Future of Urban and Autonomous Mobility

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Self-driving vehicles have the potential to reduce 90% of the approximately 1.3 million road fatalities each year, and promise many more benefits (such as less congestion and more convenience).

However, the transition to self-driving vehicles represents a seismic industry shift, one that is potentially more disruptive than the transition from horses and buggies to automobiles. Far from being an add-on technology, self-driving vehicles will combine with other phenomena (the shared economy, the rise of mayors as policy-makers, etc) to reshape public and private transportation.  

The project has created a roadmap for three different self-driving-vehicle scenarios (highway truck platoon, on-demand autopilot, robo-taxi) as well as the major roadblocks for these scenarios.  2015 focussed on understanding the future customer structure and the needs of consumers and policy-makers, in both emerging and developed economies as well as modelling and analyzing 3 major scenarios for autonomy in cities.


As a logical consequence, the next phase will engage a city in a multi-year transportation plan to help incorporate autonomous technology and advise the city on a pilot for autonomous vehicles on city roads with consumers. The aim is to catalyze global momentum of the roll-out of self-driving vehicles and leveraging safety, environmental and economic benefits of a ground-breaking technology and business model transformation. 
The city should be selected submitting a vision for autonomy and the potential commitment to execute a pilot on the ground. 

Key objectives of the project are to:

  • Understand key challenges, transportation dynamics, planning process, involvement of citizens, customer segmentation, etc. in the selected city; 

  • Understand which operating model of self-driving vehicles will be most suitable for the selected city, both from a planner (city/national authority) and citizen perspective;

  • Develop a multi-year transportation plan incorporating a pilot on self-driving vehicles for a selected city; 

  • Leverage key learnings from the pilot from technological and business model point of view, consumer insights, business opportunities and share these with city and industry stakeholders;