Autonomous and Urban Mobility

This project brings together government and business leaders to accelerate the implementation of autonomous and shared-vehicle fleets to address urban mobility challenges, identify gaps in current governance structures and pilot new policy frameworks and protocols. In 2018, the project create impact by:

  • Developing a partnership with an additional city (or cities) and leveraging learnings from the Boston pilot

  • Launching the New Mobility Coalition, a group of business and NGO leaders who will develop a shared vision and policy recommendations for new mobility (emphasizing transitions to autonomous, electric and shared vehicle fleets) 

  • Scoping new workstreams and identifying key governance gaps related to autonomous vehicles; possible focus areas include: 

    • Electrification of autonomous fleets 

    • Insurance and liability for autonomous vehicles

    • Data governance and interoperable infrastructure

    • Workforce impacts of autonomous driving

    • Shaping urban mobility choices

Autonomous and Urban Mobility is now based at the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in San Francisco, though still part of Shaping the Future of Mobility System Initiative.