Sport and The Creative Economy: Partnering for economic and social equality

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The Creative Economy is at the crossroads of the Arts, Culture, Business and Technology, but the link to Sport is a less obvious one. Historically, industry has created an entire business around licensing of related intellectual property, live events, and distribution rights at the highest and most commercial level of Sport. This has contributed to an economic and social divide between premiere level stakeholders and those involved in entry level or “grass roots” Sport. In general, the category of Sport that can benefit society most is actually not receiving the appropriate levels of support from various stakeholders; however, this could change should the Creative Economy find both economic and social value in investing more in grass roots Sport, where innovative partnership models between the public and private sectors could be effective. The synergies that define the relationship between professional Sport and the Creative Economy, may also apply to other categories of Sport – this may actually help create a form of cultural capital from the grass roots. This project seeks to reduce the social and economic divide stemming from Sport Entertainment, by harnessing the influence of the Creative Economy towards multi-stakeholder partnership models that can build a form of cultural enrichment for society. How can the Creative industries, together with other stakeholders, collaborate to have an important impact on citizen, community and societal development? For example, can technological innovations within the Creative Economy be leveraged to increase the number of physically active individuals for the benefit of health, wellbeing and social inclusion? What role can the ecosystem behind the flow of information and entertainment play in developing cultural capital at the national and/or regional level?

This project is part of the World Economic Forum’s Shaping the Future of Information and Entertainment system initiative.