Technology and Innovation for the Future of Production

Within the framework of the Shaping the Future of Production system initiative, the “Technology and Innovation for the Future of Production” project, developed in collaboration with McKinsey and Company, is exploring how industrial companies can take technology adoption in production from proof-of-concept to industrial scale, and how governments, academia, technology pioneers and civil society can best support the development of a favorable ecosystem and learning platform for technology adoption and dissemination across industry sectors.

The project is building a global network and community of key production assets to create the world’s leading Fourth Industrial Revolution learning platform for production. This network will comprise the world’s most advanced manufacturing and production sites – “Lighthouses”. These Lighthouses are characterized by at-scale deployment of multiple Fourth Industrial Revolution use cases which enable significant financial and operational benefits and drive innovation, human capital development and efficient resource usage.

This network will facilitate the sharing of best practices and knowledge with the objective of accelerating technology adoption and driving the manufacturing industry towards enhanced productivity.