Technology and Innovation for the Future of Production

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The Technology and Innovation for the Future of Production project will focus on technologies which, both individually and in combination, are reshaping the way in which we make things. It will assess the impact of these technologies and develop innovative and unique insights and tools to help governments and companies better understand ongoing and future technology-driven transformations, inform investment and policy decisions and foster a common understanding across stakeholders.
At the request of the Board of Stewards (the Board) of the Shaping the Future of Production System Initiative, we are assessing the individual and combinational impact of a first set of technologies on production systems. This includes the Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and Wearables, Advanced Robotics and 3D Printing. Our preliminary conclusions will be presented to the Board at our Annual Meeting 2017.
In Phase 2, starting February 2017, we will widen the scope to additional technologies impacting production systems, including biotechnology, nanotechnology, advanced materials and blockchain among others. Moreover, we will explore new innovative business models which enable or are built around new technologies, and identify critical success factors and obstacles to development, adoption and dissemination for business and government.

The expected outcomes of the project are:

  • A new set of technology insights for production that help stakeholders distinguish between “hype” and “reality”, and understand the impact of specific technologies, opportunities and challenges for the factory, firm and value chain;

  • A set of value creation opportunities stemming from the combined impact of converging disruptive technologies for discussion with stakeholders.

  • A long term perspective on how policy perspective could evolve and how to support technology diffusion for productivity.