The Global Media Solutions Coalition: Supporting Local News and Information in a Digital World

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Trusted, high-quality news and information are critical to functional societies, political stability, healthy local economies and economic growth. They also serve as powerful counterweights to propaganda, false news and misinformation, and hate speech. The transition to digital and mobile platforms is hitting local media particularly hard, undermining the sustainable creation of quality news, increasing distrust in media, and exacerbating the “post-truth” environment, particularly in markets where news organizations are operating with low capacity or under threat. This is a shared, global crisis that will grow in magnitude as the next 3 billion people come online.  We must work now to ensure that all communities are empowered with the capacity to produce and engage with quality, trusted and inclusive local media.
The Global Media Solutions Coalitionin collaboration with the World Economic Forum, seeks to support existing and new local independent news and information organizations, foster economically viable creation and distribution of quality content, and increase the positive impact of this content on the well-being of native businesses, government, and citizens. The change envisioned here is only possible through the commitment of a wide array of stakeholders that span from philanthropically-led media development programs to the global media industry to international brands to the local media entrepreneurs struggling to survive across the world. Coalition stakeholders include NGOs, digital and mobile platforms, advertising and marketing organizations, mobile operators, relevant businesses, government, academia, and independent media and content producers.
The main focus of the Global Media Solutions Coalition is to design, develop and manage (i) a research and learning network to foster the identification of innovations that support local news and information ecosystems, and (ii) a platform for focused action and interventions by investing in innovations through a dedicated fund to test and scale new approaches and get them in the field.

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