New Energy Architecture: Myanmar
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Read the reportRead the Executive SummaryContributors Myanmar is an energy resource rich country, strategically located between major emerging countries such as China and India. Yet, a large share of the population lacks access to electricity and enabling development of its energy sector will be core to powering future development. The Forum\'s New Energy Architecture Initiative works to assess how countries can enable an effective transition to more secure, sustainable and affordable energy systems. As part of this Initiative, we have formed a collaboration with the Ministry of Energy of Myanmar, Accenture and the Asian Development Bank to help support Myanmar’s energy policy reform, after successful studies in Thailand, India and Japan. The collaboration aims to understand the nation’s current energy architecture challenges and provide an overview of a path forward to a New Energy Architecture through a series of actionable insights on key energy policy challenges, as well as provide an international platform for public-private dialogue and by raising awareness on important energy issues. This report is the culmination of a ten month multi-stakeholder study into Myanmar’s energy architecture and will be launched by a press conference and discussed within a broader Energy Summit at the World Economic Forum on East Asia meeting.

Monday 3 June 2013