Scenarios for Ukraine: Reforming institutions, strengthening the economy after the crisis

Reforming institutions, strengthening the economy after the crisisAmid the severe geopolitical tensions that followed the political changes in the country, the Scenarios for Ukraine report is designed to provide insight into the different policy paths available to the country’s new leadership, beyond short-term interests and political positions.Through a year-long strategic dialogue process, more than 300 decision-makers, government, business and civil society leaders as well as leading experts sketched out different pathways for Ukraine’s future economic development. Stakeholders focused on three strategic challenges that determine the extent to which Ukraine can unleash its potential and benefit from the changing external environment.Central to these challenges is the imperative to build a more supportive institutional environment based on effective cooperation among all stakeholders. The matrix of improving institutions combined with external economic forces sketch out the framework for the three scenarios presented in the report.Read the report here.

11 April 2014