Trailblazers, Shapers and Innovators
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 In the aftermath of the past years’ financial and economic events, one learning point is apparent: new companies from around the world are playing an increasingly important role in shaping the global economy. The World Economic Forum takes great pride in having identified this trend at an early stage and in creating the Community of Global Growth Companies (GGCs) that brings together top emerging companies from around the globe.The Forum established this Community in 2007, with the purpose of identifying those players that in addition to showing consistently high growth rates, through their new technologies and innovative business models, act as disruptors of traditional industries. Global Growth Company members come both from fast-growing emerging markets and from established economies.As of August 2010, the Community counts more than 250 members based in 60 countries. Membership is by invitation only and reviewed by a committee that applies strict selection criteria. Eligible Global Growth Companies demonstrate annual revenue between US$ 100 million and US$ 5 billion, and an average year-to-year growth rate of 15%. Importantly, GGC members are building a global business beyond their traditional markets and are committed to having a positive effect on the economies and societies in which they operate.This report profiles 40 members of the GGC Community. The selected case studies provide compelling examples of Global Growth Companies and of their impact on the global economic landscape. The companies portrayed in the following pages reflect the variety and richness of the Community, illustrate some of the best global business practices and serve as an inspiration for the business community. The World Economic Forum is proud of the members of the Global Growth Companies Community. We are confident that these new champions will fully leverage the platform that the Forum provides to them and will make a strong contribution to our mission of improving the state of the world. 

Thursday 20 January 2011