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21 April 2021

A Framework for the Future of Real Estate

This Framework for the Future of Real Estate provides a set of enablers, including accelerating digitalization and innovation to address everything from c...

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20 April 2021

Fostering Effective Energy Transition 2021 edition

This report discusses the key findings from the Energy Transition Index 2021. This 10th-anniversary report is the opportunity to reflect and ask the question...

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15 April 2021

Five Big Bets for the Circular Economy in Africa: African Circular Economy Alliance

This report examines the initiatives and policies needed to support Africa’s transition to a circular economy that delivers economic growth, jobs and positiv...

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14 April 2021

Pathways Towards a Cyber Resilient Aviation Industry

This report aims to define a common language and baseline of practices and encourage collective initiatives for increasing cyber resilience across the Aviati...

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9 April 2021

Engaging Citizens for Inclusive Futures: Rebuilding Social Cohesion and Trust through Citizen Dialogues

This report shares the results of deliberative citizen dialogues with more than 120 participants in Europe, India, West Africa and across an international ne...

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5 April 2021

Technology Futures: Projecting the Possible, Navigating What's Next

In collaboration with Deloitte

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5 April 2021

Medicine from the Sky: Opportunities and Lessons from Drones in Africa

In collaboration with Deloitte

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30 March 2021

Global Gender Gap Report 2021

Another generation of women will have to wait for gender parity, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2021. As the impact of the ...

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24 March 2021

A Leapfrog Moment for China in ESG Reporting

We have highlighted six key insights about the ESG journey for Chinese companies. These arose from discussions with ESG practitioners from various industry s...

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23 March 2021

Principles for Board Governance of Cyber Risk

This paper is designed for corporate directors to refer to as they set their organization’s cybersecurity strategy and engage with stakeholders on the issue ...

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16 February 2021

Diagnostics for Better Health: Considerations for Global Implementation

This report considers the barriers and enablers of the implementation, adoption and effectiveness of diagnostics. It offers possible solutions for applicatio...

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9 February 2021

The Davos Agenda 2021: Global Engagement

Learn more about the global engagement driven by our participants, including media and digital media reach throughout the meeting.

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