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Scale360° fast-tracks Fourth Industrial Revolution impact in the circular economy by bringing together public and private sector leaders and innovators to jumpstart collaboration for circular innovation.


The global economy was only 8.6% circular in 2021, according to the annual Circularity Gap report, shrinking from 9.1% just a few years earlier. In other words, the small fraction of the economy keeping products and materials in use is getting smaller and smaller day by day.

Despite concerted efforts, CO2 emissions, natural resource extraction, and processing—around 50% of current greenhouse gas emissions—is increasing. Demand for raw materials under a ‘business-as-usual’ scenario is predicted to double by 2050.

To reverse these negative trends, governments, technologists, and entrepreneurs must embrace and prioritize the circular transition.

The Opportunity

Scale360° leverages innovation ‘hubs’ to bring together leaders in science, policy and business to trigger circular change. Scale360°’s unique, tested methodology – and its Scale360° Circular Innovation Playbook – deploy Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to rethink consumption and production, helping to transform the pipeline of future innovations.

Brought together by Scale360°, stakeholders including financiers, technologists, activists, public servants and others in need of circular innovation solutions, can share challenges, innovations, lessons learned and opportunities.

Scale 360 ° Journey

Discover how the Scale360° Playbook can drive circular innovation in your community.

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