Shaping the Future of Education, Gender and Work

How can talent be developed and deployed to ensure that more than
7 billion people can fulfill their potential

Technology and globalization are significantly transforming work. However, education and training systems, having remained mostly static and under-invested in for decades, are largely inadequate for these new labour markets. Additionally, a prevailing gender bias is introducing further inefficiency and inequality. We must therefore rethink the way talent is developed and deployed in the world. This will require breaking down old silos between education systems and labour markets, more agile approaches to regulation, new forms of public-private collaboration, and new norms and values.

The World Economic Forum’s System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Education, Gender and Work seeks to ensure that talent is developed and deployed for maximum benefit to the economy and society. This is achieved by mobilizing leaders from business, government, civil society and others through new insights, common agendas and collaborative action.