Shaping the Future of Mobility

How can the transformation to secure, inclusive and smart global transportation systems be accelerated?

Mobility – the movement of people and goods – is a fundamental human need and a key enabler of economic and social prosperity. After decades of relative stability, the mobility environment is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Technology, such as autonomous vehicles, biometrics and ultralight materials, is enabling new business models and mobility services for new and changing customers. As global demand for mobility continues to grow, innovative public-private partnerships offer unique opportunities to overcome the persistent challenges in transportation, such as greenhouse gas emissions, congestion and security.

The World Economic Forum’s System Initiative on the Future of Mobility provides a platform for business leaders from transportation, technology, energy, infrastructure, insurance, health and other related sectors to partner with policy-makers to shape the future of mobility. The System Initiative aims to accelerate the transformation to a global mobility system that is clean, safe, secure, inclusive and smart.