Shaping the Future of Energy

How can an effective transition to a more sustainable, affordable, secure and inclusive energy system be enabled?
Heat, light and mobility are the essential building blocks of human progress. The global energy system of the future will be influenced by urbanization, shifts in energy demand growth from developed to less-developed countries, increased use of natural gas and renewables, the declining cost of renewable technologies, and innovations such as digitalization, automation and artificial intelligence.
The System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Energy aims to accelerate development of the policies, private-sector action and public-private cooperation required to achieve a sustainable, affordable, secure and inclusive energy future, which is essential for economic and social development.
The System Initiative Stewardship Board has identified four priorities: 

  1. Providing clarity on the energy transition in different contexts and geographies

  2. Identifying and enabling the means required to achieve these transitions

  3. Contributing to the design and development of the policies, market systems and technology enablers that can effectively deliver required change

  4. Understanding and addressing the societal consequences of the energy transition

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