Shaping the Future of Environment and Natural Resource Security

How can the world achieve inclusive economic growth while combating climate change and other natural resource challenges? The global environment and economic security are indelibly intertwined, with increasing greenhouse gases, environmental degradation and natural-resource depletion putting sustainable growth and existing business models at risk.

The World Economic Forum’s System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Environment and Natural Resource Security brings together leading experts and practitioners to provide systems leadership, curate platforms for multi-dimensional cooperation and engage in focused interventions. The System Initiative aims to: improve the effectiveness of the international community’s response to environmental challenges; support public-private action that accelerates the climate action agenda, improves ocean health, realizes deforestation-free supply chains, enables more water-secure economies and helps unlock a trillion-dollar opportunity in the circular economy; and explore how Fourth Industrial Revolution innovations can be harnessed to address environmental issues, including redefining what effective global environmental governance looks like. Responding to these challenges requires breaking down traditional silos and building new forms of cooperation and innovation across the public and private sectors to quickly effect change at scale. The System Initiative offers a platform to support this action.

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