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Shaping the Future of Mobility

How can the transformation to safe, clean and inclusive global transportation systems be accelerated?

Mobility – the movement of people and goods – provides access to jobs, education, healthcare and trade. Yet, today’s mobility system cannot meet future demand without increasing congestion and pollution.

Technology, such as autonomous vehicles, biometrics and ultralight materials, creates opportunities to transform the mobility system by enabling new business models and mobility services for new and changing customers.

The System Initiative on the Future of Mobility provides a platform where business leaders can partner with policy-makers to shape a global mobility system that is safe, clean and inclusive.
The Forum’s System Initiatives are open to collaborations with other institutions and initiatives to maximize relevance and impact.

The three System Initiative objectives are to shape mobility to be:

  • Safe and Secure by aiming for protection from accidents and enhancing the resilience of transportation systems to external shocks such as terrorism, cyberattacks and accidents

  • Clean and Sustainable by reducing the environmental impact of mobility on greenhouse gas and other polluting emissions, material usage and waste, and noise

  • Inclusive and Efficient by introducing physical accommodations in transport systems for populations with diverse needs and by providing affordable, reliable mobility solutions, particularly for underserved populations

The System Initiative will achieve its objectives by using the Forum multistakeholder platform to:

  • Embrace Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, cultivate continual innovation and communicate transformations to consumers

  • Promote knowledge exchange and information transparency among stakeholders

  • Encourage cooperative and multistakeholder relationships including business-to-business, business-to-government and government-to-government

The objectives and methodology remain centrally focused on improving the lives of people. The System Initiative aims for a future in which mobility helps all people access healthcare, education, jobs, markets and goods, social interaction and culture. 


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  • Security in Travel

  • Drones and Tomorrow's Airspace

  • SIMSystem: Designing Seamless Integrated Mobility  

  • Logistics Emergency Team

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