The EDISON Alliance

For Digital Inclusion

The EDISON Alliance is an open-ecosystem of change-makers, mobilizing joint effort and aligning priorities to enhance the case for digital investment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated the digitalization of our economies and societies, bringing to the forefront the essential role that connectivity and digital services play in economic inclusion, economic recovery, and social cohesion.

In response to this complex and urgent challenge, the World Economic Forum launched the EDISON Alliance to mobilize a global movement to prioritize digital inclusion as foundational to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and a cross-sector platform to accelerate collaborative action.

Tackling this challenge requires unprecedented collaboration across sectors

To adequately respond to the challenge, we urgently need to foster increased collaboration across the connectivity ecosystem and the communities that need connectivity to tackle primary societal goals in areas such as education, healthcare, financial inclusion, among others.

The EDISON Alliance supports and amplifies existing leading efforts, connects ecosystems across sectors, addresses gaps where necessary, and engages the public through sustained impactful dialogue.

Convening major actors with common interests across value chains

Significant progress made in recent years has laid the foundations for broad-based change. Through multiple intersecting initiatives and organizations, a strong connective tissue has been built across the digital communications ecosystem and public and private sectors.

The EDISON Alliance, a global movement of almost 50 leaders from the public and private sectors, is driving change to deliver impact in digital inclusion across three focus areas: healthcare, financial services, and education.

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