The EDISON Alliance

For Digital Inclusion

Mobilizing a global movement to prioritize digital inclusion as foundational to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

How can we foster affordable and accessible digital opportunities for everyone by 2025? That’s our mission. To reach that ultimate goal, the World Economic Forum launched the EDISON Alliance as the first of its kind platform to accelerate and foster unprecedented collaboration between the ICT community and other critical sectors of the economy.

The EDISON Alliance cultivates meaningful partnerships between leaders in government and industry during a multi-year journey to enhance the case for rapid digital development. We do this by building a 'network of networks' to identify and scale new and existing strategies, projects and initiatives leveraging connectivity as a key lever across the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our vision is for every person to affordably participate in the digital economy. Our mission is to mobilize a global movement and cross-sectoral action for social and economic outcomes through connectivity, enhancing the case for rapid digital development.

Global Leaders Accelerating Digital Inclusion

To bring millions of the global population online, we’re cultivating a network of leaders committed to accelerating digital inclusion.


Opportunities to Contribute

The EDISON Alliance is platform for public and private organizations to amplify connectivity initiatives across regions and contexts.

Get Involved

Public-Private Dialogues for Change

Participate in showcase events and knowledge exchanges to shape the digital inclusion agenda with public and private leaders around the world.


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