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This 4-Armed Robot Performed a Pioneering Lung Transplant

This 4-armed robot performed a pioneering lung transplant in a ground-breaking procedure at Barcelona’s Vall d'Hebron hospital.

Xavier, 65, needed a lung transplant to treat his pulmonary fibrosis. The robot made a small 8cm incision above the diaphragm. Through which doctors removed the damaged lung and inserted a new one. Usually, doctors make a 30cm incision, separate the ribs, and open the chest. This needs a long recovery. Now, the robot enables a minimally invasive lung transplant technique, so the wound is smaller and heals faster. The robot, named Da Vinci, is made by Intuitive Surgical.

Robots are also used in medicine to provide care for patients and to deliver equipment or sensitive material in hospitals. Watch to learn more about this advanced robotic lung transplant and the progress made by science in transplanting organs.

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