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10 September 2019

Inclusive Deployment of Blockchain for Supply Chains: Part 4 – Protecting Your Data

The deployment of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies in supply chains offers considerable advantages. Nevertheless, their deployment and im...

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4 September 2019

Digitizing Entrepreneurship for Impact

“Digitizing Entrepreneurship for Impact” means the opportunity for all entrepreneurs, no matter where they are located, to contribute to solving global chall...

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2 September 2019

The Sub-Saharan Africa Risks Landscape

This paper comes as dynamic global and regional factors are affecting countries across sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to rising geopolitical and geo-economi...

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2 August 2019

Inclusive Deployment of Blockchain for Supply Chains: Part 3 – Public or Private Blockchains – Which One Is Right for You?

For supply chain organizations launching new blockchain projects, one of the most fraught considerations typically is whether to use a public or private ledg...

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19 July 2019

Shared, Electric and Automated Mobility (SEAM) Governance Framework: Prototype for North America and Europe

To help cities accelerate emissions reduction and address pressing climate risks, the Shared, Electric and Automated Mobility (SEAM) Governance Framework out...

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17 July 2019

Ending Illegal Fishing: Data Policy and the Port State Measures Agreement

To drive action on SDG 14 goals for ending illegal fishing by 2020, the paper articulates a data policy framework that is essential for successfully implemen...

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1 July 2019

Empowering 8 Billion Minds: Enabling Better Mental Health for All via the Ethical Adoption of Technologies

The Forum’s Global Future Council on Neurotechnologies highlights the role technology is now playing in helping to address mental health concerns, mapping th...

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1 July 2019

Windows of Opportunity: Facilitating Trade with Blockchain Technology

Trade costs – the costs of moving cargo from one country to another – are a leading constraint for companies wanting to engage in trade. The development of t...

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24 June 2019

Meat: the Future - A Roadmap for Delivering 21st-Century Protein

Academic analysis shows it will be impossible for a global population of 10 billion to consume the amount and type of protein typical of current diets in Nor...

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13 June 2019

Investing in (and for) Our Future

This paper identifies more focused reforms around defined contribution plans, which have grown increasingly around the world. It identifies recommendations a...

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7 June 2019

Making Affordable Housing a Reality in Cities

About 90% of cities around the world do not provide affordable housing or of adequate quality. The cost of housing, as well as location, prohibits people fro...

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3 May 2019

AI Governance: A Holistic Approach to Implement Ethics into AI

There are many potential benefits to the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, including the reduction of economic inefficiencies and inc...

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