Natural Climate Solutions Alliance

Natural Climate Solutions
Nature positive, cost-effective climate action

Natural climate solutions (NCS) – healthy forests, agricultural land, and coastal ecosystems - offer a significant opportunity to achieve global climate goals

Unlocking large-scale carbon finance for NCS, whether through voluntary or compliance action, requires close collaboration between governments, businesses, investors and civil society.

The NCS Alliance brings together public and private stakeholders to identify opportunities and barriers to investment into carbon credits in new, and existing markets, to increase financing for natural climate solutions.

Capitalizing on Nature’s Role in Solving Climate Change

Natural climate solutions can provide around 30% of the emissions reductions needed to limit global warming to 2°C. In addition, they provide many socio-economic & environmental benefits, such as the preservation and restoration of biodiversity, provision of ecosystem services, and support sustainable livelihoods. But despite their vast potential, natural climate solutions attract very little public investment.

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Manage, Protect, Restore

The NCS Alliance will encourage the development of new markets for delivering nature-based solutions.

Our Approaches

Unlocking finance and markets for scale

The NCS Alliance seeks to mobilize natural climate solutions, across a set of guiding principles.

Action Areas

Public-private collaboration

Through its growing network, the Alliance will mobilize public-private cooperation across geographies and sectors to advance natural solutions to address the climate challenge.

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To mobilize natural climate solutions for addressing climate change, the NCS Alliance convenes public and private stakeholders to identify opportunities and barriers to investment into carbon credits in new and existing markets to scale up financing for natural climate solutions. The Alliance also serves as a forum for knowledge sharing and technical capacity building to ensure natural climate solutions reach their full potential in abating climate change.

The Natural Climate Solutions Alliance is convened by the World Economic Forum and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

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