Ocean Data Platform

Ocean Data

The Challenge

Only 5% of the Ocean has been fully explored yet new technologies, data-processing, sensors and satellites could transform our knowledge of, and relationship with, the Ocean. We can tap into this information revolution, making ocean data available as a comprehensive, opensource, digital platform for the public good and to feed more informed decision-making.

The Action Track

Friends of Ocean Action working with partners to develop an open-source digital platform that enables free access to all existing data for better Ocean management and protection and the global public good


SDG 14.2, 14.4, 14.5


Rev Ocean


Global Fishing Watch

Pristine Seas project

World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Scope and create the architecture

Mapped existing data platforms to identify gaps and opportunities

Mapped data sources and advanced work on harmonizing data points

Advanced connection among experts and ensure integration of valuable initiatives

Scoped the need for a governance structure to support safety and credibility of data


Build the user cases

Set up a governance advisory group to develop a framework for transparent and secure management of the data platform

Identify and explore engagement opportunities with key data owners, within and beyond Friends of Ocean Action

Call for the liberation of Ocean data showcasing benefits and utility

Investigate development and soft launch of potential user cases (e.g. Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing and Marine Protected Areas)

The Friends of Ocean Action to collaborate and mobilize partner networks to develop additional cases

Roadmap for the development of potential new user cases (including for the Port State Measures Agreement)

Scope financial sustainability mechanisms to ensure continued operations


Identify key partners

Governance framework tested, and case studies built

Establish the Friends of Ocean Action as the platform for stimulating front-end user applications and sharing best practices

Allow integration of on-board data to track performance against environmental and social requirements

Support Global Fishing Watch capability, including AIS VMS data for all important countries

Align with, and support, UN Decade of Ocean Science to highlight data gaps and call for open Ocean research

Other action tracks