Sustainable Blue Partnership Cooperation Network

Promoting the Blue Partnership for a shared sustainable future

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The Sustainable Blue Partnership Cooperation Network is an informal platform to facilitate the multi-stakeholder cooperation under the Blue Partnership jointly initiated by the Friends of Ocean Action of the World Economic Forum and the China Oceanic Development Foundation, with the support from the Ministry of Natural Resources of China.

Its mission is to convene and promote different ocean cooperation and actions under the Blue Partnership Principles through information exchanges, thematic dialogues, practices sharing, as well as insights and projects generation.



In 2017, the Chinese delegation put forward the initiative of "building the Blue Partnership" at the first UN Ocean Conference and called for joint actions with states and organizations towards sustainable ocean governance. Since then, positive progress has been made - while officially establishing bilateral Blue Partnerships with relevant countries, China has pursued efforts to fulfil SDG14. China has signed Blue Partnership agreements with several countries leading to fruitful marine cooperation coming out of the Blue Partnership Forum and the high-level dialogue mechanism on integrated marine management. In particular, the "Pingtan Declaration" demonstrates China's resolve and commitment to stand together with Small Island Developing States grappling with critical challenges like climate change and sea-level rise. These bilateral and multilateral actions show China’s efforts to advance SDG 14 globally through the development of the Blue Partnership.

About the Blue Partnership Principles

The Blue Partnership Principles announced by the Chinese delegation at 2022 UN Ocean Conference provides the concept, common collaborative areas and vision of the blue partnership which aims to contribute to the realization of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in particular Goal 14 and Goal 17, and to establish a new model of maritime cooperation that is inclusive and flexible to enhance mutual trust among coastal states.

  • Principle 1: Conserve the Marine Ecosystems
  • Principle 2: Tackle Climate Change
  • Principle 3: Reduce Marine pollution
  • Principle 4: Sustainable Use of Marine Resources
  • Principle 5: Thrive Blue Economy
  • Principle 6: Strengthen Guidance of Technological Innovation
  • Principle 7: Implement Integrated Management
  • Principle 8: Contribute Solutions
  • Principle 9: Reinforce Capacity Building
  • Principle 10: Adhere to Openness and Inclusiveness
  • Principle 11: Welcome Multi-party Participation
  • Principle 12: Encourage Voluntary Commitments
  • Principle 13: Take Collective Actions
  • Principle 14: Promote Legislative Governance
  • Principle 15: Share Development Outcomes
  • Principle 16: Safeguard Intergenerational Equity

The full version of the Blue Partnership Principles can be found here.

How to engage

We welcome stakeholders including those from governments, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, academia, financial organizations, companies, industrial associations, and others to join this network as members. We expect our members:

  • To be committed to contributing to SDG14
  • To endorse the Blue Partnership Principles as a guideline for carrying out ocean practices
  • To be willing to support the Network in different ways, including but not limited to: supporting the operation and development of the network; participating in the Network’s activities; and investing and taking actions in the key areas of cooperation under Blue Partnership Principles

The Ministry of Natural Resources represented by the Department of International Cooperation is open to building the bilateral Blue Partnership with governments and departments. Please feel free to reach out via the Network. For other types of organizations, please download and fill out the Membership Application Form, and send it back to, cc

Established bilateral blue partnerships

  • China-Portugal
  • China-European Union
  • China-Seychelles
  • China- Mozambique

Current Network Members

  • Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology Foundation
  • WWF China
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Conservation International Foundation (USA) Beijing Representative Office
  • The Paradise International Foundation

Relevant Actions/Activities