India Economic Summit


New Delhi, India 4-6 November 2014
Redefining Public-Private Cooperation for a New Beginning 

As interest in hearing from India’s 16th national government mounts, the World Economic Forum and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) will convene a unique meeting. With election manifestos coming alive as early policy reforms, the meeting will offer an opportunity for the Forum’s global multistakeholder community to meet the new government and together define and shape the country’s next phase of transformation.

The 2014 elections in India are one of the most critical in the country’s 67-year history as it braves the greatest economic crisis since market liberalization, including high inflation and lack of jobs for the country’s more than 400 million young people. In Asia’s third-largest economy, opportunities abound in the form of a hefty $1 trillion price tag for infrastructure spending, retail market potential of $1.3 trillion by 2020 and the demographic dividend from its 1.2 billion population. A resilient government will be key to realizing India’s domestic and global ambitions.

Under the theme Redefining Public-Private Cooperation for a New Beginning, this meeting will bring together high-level leaders from government, civil society and business for an issue-based interaction that takes stock of promises made in the election manifesto and explores how to collectively shape policies for inclusive growth.

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New Delhi, India 04 - 06 November 2014