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Delivering Digital Infrastructure: Advancing the Internet Economy

Delivering Digital Infrastructure: Advancing the Internet Economy

In May 2013, the World Economic Forum convened a cross-industry initiative to examine the ability of digital infrastructure to keep pace with the fast-rising demand being put on it, with a focus on developed markets. The assembled steering committee and working group include communications service providers, content companies, software companies and hardware manufacturers active in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. For 12 months, they have jointly assessed digital infrastructure adequacy and, in particular, the impediments – technological, financial and political – to the investments necessary to maintain and improve the telecommunications networks and digital ecosystem that constitute the internet.

The report examines the current threats to digital infrastructure and suggests approaches and actions for addressing them before they affect the flow of information and services that serve the digital economy. Each chapter addresses a technological, commercial, policy or regional challenge that is of particular significance.


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