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Energy Efficiency: Accelerating the Agenda

Energy Efficiency: Accelerating the Agenda

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The World Economic Forum, in partnership with Accenture, is pleased to release Energy Efficiency: Accelerating the Agenda.

The work builds on the January 2010 publication, A New Energy Vision: Towards a More Efficient World, developed in collaboration with IHS CERA, which explored the key drivers and barriers behind energy efficiency and seeks to address why energy efficiency has not been more successful inscaling.

Energy efficiency is about doing more with what we have. It thus touches on every industry sector and has huge potential to contribute to energy savings and a reduction in carbon emissions. This potential is well documented from the release of McKinsey’s abatement curve to the efforts by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and other international organizations, and yet it continues to be raised as a critical issue to address. This is because despite the potential there is a substantial gap, and energy efficiency measures are still not being implemented at scale, indicating a significant opportunity is being missed. The reasons behind this range from market to institutional failures and the need to be overcome if we are to use energy efficiency to effectively meet rising energy demand, support economic development and meet the critical challenges of climate change, energy security and economic competitiveness.

This study seeks to accelerate the agenda and identify the barriers holding implementation back by looking at the roles of stakeholders and how they can work together to create multistakeholder solutions to bridge the gap. Through this work the Forum hopes to reveal stakeholder perspectives and enable a starting point for increased dialogue and cooperation throughout 2011 and beyond.

The Forum has worked closely with the Mexican Government in 2010 ahead of the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP16) in Cancun in December 2010 to give due attention to energy efficiency and hopes to continue this cooperation with the Mexican and other governments, including South Africathroughout 2011 and ahead of COP17 in South Africa at the end of 2011, to monitor progress and demonstrate early results.

This continued focus, multistakeholder dialogue and increased cooperation will be critical to accelerating the agenda.In the study, the Forum proposes three initiatives which we believe will accelerate the agenda in 2011 and beyond.

We trust that these initiatives provide useful input and invite governments, organizations and private sector players to build these initiatives, with our support.

In conclusion, we would like to thank all the organizations that supported us in the development of this research, providing invaluable input and guidance.



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