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Health Systems Leapfrogging in Emerging Economies

Health Systems Leapfrogging in Emerging Economies

The opportunity for emerging economies to set their health systems on a path to sustainability is unprecedented. By 2022, an estimated one third of all global health expenditure will occur in emerging economies. For every additional US$ 100 spent on health in 2022 (compared with 2012), US$ 50 will come from emerging economies. Whether this increased investment will lead to the difficult challenges that developed economies now face or to a transformation of emerging economy health systems depends on decisions being made today.

Trailing behind has advantages. Emerging economies are generally less burdened by the legacies of the past and enjoy a greater degree of freedom to design efficient and cost-effective systems. This allows them to leverage technological advances more easily and to learn from the experiences of developed economies. Seizing this unique opportunity requires an innovative, well-coordinated and implementable set of actions that relies on the expertise, support and collaboration of diverse stakeholders.


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