The World Economic Forum has developed its Strategic Intelligence capabilities to help make sense of the complex forces driving transformational change across economies, industries and global issues.

Intended to help leaders navigate the fluid inter-relationships between global issues and so inform better decision-making, Strategic Intelligence has evolved into a data-driven, dynamic set of knowledge tools used by organizations across the world, as well as a growing public audience.

The Transformation Maps, which are at the centre of this suite of tools/system, incorporate expert and machine-curated knowledge allowing users to visualize and understand 120+ topics, and the connections and interdependencies between them.

The Transformation Maps are co-curated with experts from universities, think tanks, international organizations, or other research institutions. You can view a list of our co-curators here. Each map has a feed with the latest research and analysis drawn from leading research institutions and specialized media outlets around the world.

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You download the Strategic IQ app from the App Store, Google Play and Huawei App Gallery