Burj Khalifa by Gilles Paveau The World Economic Forum will host its third Summit on the Global Agenda in Dubai from 29 November to 1 December 2010. The Summit is held in partnership with the United Arab Emirates represented by the Government of Dubai.

The Summit brings together the Forum’s Network of Global Agenda Councils, which consist of the world’s most relevant thought leaders from academia, business, government and society. They will engage in interactive workshops and sessions to set priorities for the most compelling ideas to improve the state of the world and identify relevant risks and innovative responses to address the world’s challenges.

Watch us live

We’ll be streaming the plenary sessions and press conferences from the Summit on our Livestream channel and on our website.

In the Conference Centre, a dedicated video corner will allow Global Agenda Council members to give their views on the key trends for 2011 as part of the Davos Debates in Dubai. The Davos Debates is a video channel on YouTube dedicated to public debate and discussion with global leaders on the key issues affecting our planet.

An Insider’s View

The Forum Blog will provide an insider’s view to the Summit on the Global Agenda with guest blog posts from participants and medial leaders. They will be sharing their insights from the Summit, giving a personal view of what happens and the issues and ideas being discussed.

A Twitter list of participants gives real-time, first-hand updates on quotes, ideas and observations from all aspects of the summit.  These tweets will be available to follow online at http://twitter.com/wef/GAC2010

We will live-tweet the most salient quotes from the official plenary sessions on our @WEF Live account http://twitter.com/WEF.

The best photos from the Summit will be uploaded to our Flickr account – http://www.weforum.org/gac2010/photos


The blog posts, photos and webcasts will all be available on our Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/worldeconomicforum – as well as discussion points around the themes of the Summit.

Open Forum Dubai

In parallel with the Summit, the Government of the United Arab Emirates, the Government of Dubai and the World Economic Forum will jointly organize discussions called the “Open Forum” on some of the prominent topics of the Global Agenda Councils to inform and involve the public. The aim is to establish a stronger link with the local population and help raise awareness of the importance such topics hold for the region.

The Open Forum event will be open to the general public and held on 28 November and 1 December at the American University. For the list of topics and speakers, please visit www.weforum.org/gac2010/openforum.

We’ll be posting videos of the Open Forum sessions on YouTube straight after they happen. We’ll also be live tweeting key quotes from the sessions as they happen from our @WEF Twitter account.